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Serving top-quality cask-conditioned beers is the raison d'etre of Watson's Ale House.

Unlike most traditional pubs, we do not have any 'regular' beers that are always available, but instead offer a continuously changing selection of different styles of beer from different breweries.

There are now more than 2,000 breweries in the UK, with more than 300 new breweries launching during the last year alone! In fact, there are now more breweries than at any time since the 1930s.

The boom is being driven by customer enthusiasm for 'real ale' and craft beer, an enthusiasm that we at Watson's aim to encourage and serve.

Most of the new breweries are small-scale (classed as 'microbreweries', just as Watson's Ale House is a 'micropub'), run by committed beer enthusiasts.

Although we will sometimes serve a particularly fine beer from one of the big brewers, most of our beers are from microbreweries.

Also, we do try to focus on beers brewed locally, either in Wales or in the border counties of England.
Nevertheless, we do include in our range selected beers from across the UK.

As any 'real ale' enthusiast knows, simply having an exciting beautifully brewed beer on the pumps does not guarantee a pleasurable drinking experience.

Brewing is only half of the story it is only with skilled cellarmanship that the results of the brewer's craft can be delivered to the beer lover.

And this is our passion the team at Watson's will not stint in our efforts to ensure that every pint served will be a credit to its brewer!

Of course, cask-conditioned beer is not the only beverage available at Watson's. Two or more draught ciders or perries are always on tap.

Again, we select these from local producers and serve only cider and perry that are classed as 'real' by CAMRA (made with 100% apple or pear juice, and not pasteurised or artificially carbonated).

If you're used to Magners then flat cloudy cider may come as a bit of a shock but the taste experience of 'real' cider is in a different league altogether.

In addition to the drinks on draught, we also offer a range of quality bottled beer (including at least one German or Czech lager), selected wines (including prosecco), soft drinks, and spirits.

We are particularly proud of our range of over 15 different craft gins, the drink of choice for the modern young 'hipster'.

As the name suggests, Watson's Ale House specialises in 'real ale', but don't be put off if you're not a beer drinker there are plenty of other choices of beverage to enjoy while you soak up the ambiance.

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